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Dear teachers, parents and violin enthusiasts,

I began this project when I started teaching violin to very young students, including my own two sons. I love that the violin is such a flexible instrument; it comes in so many sizes that small hands with limited strength are able to manipulate the strings and make music. I think it’s the perfect way to tune little ears and teach musical concepts. However, when I began a search for a violin method book that focused not only on learning to play the violin with correct technique but also introducing the language of music to young and eager minds, I couldn’t find it. I started to adapt other violin method books and make up my own lessons, adding illustrations to captivate my young audience’s attention. Eventually I was relying on the first original Super Strings pages!

This violin primer is a compilation of the lessons that I have taught my own very young students. While I believe that my students will become great violinists, my real hope is that they become musicians, with an understanding of and appreciation for the rhythmic, tonal and structural complexities of the beautiful music that they hear.

Please take a look around the site to learn more about Super Strings: the Young Violinist Primer. I appreciate your support.


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Elise Behunin is a mother and music teacher.  She has a Bachelor of Science in Music from Brigham Young University and teaches voice and violin lessons.  Find out more about Elise on her music blog and personal website.

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