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The challenge for young children lies not in their abilities, but in their attention spans. The Super Strings Violin Book helps beginners make heroic progress through adventurous activities, exciting challenges, and even musical jokes. It uses a variety of learning methods to teach notes, rhythms, and begin to play songs. Simply put, it helps a child learning to play the violin have fun.

Violin Book Outline

Lesson 1—Introduction: violin parts, posture, and plucking

Lesson 2—Beginning Rhythm: quarter notes and eighth notes

Lesson 3—The Super Strings: open E, A, D, and G

Lesson 4—Slower Rhythms: half notes and whole notes

Lesson 5—Review and Composition

Lesson 6—Our Sidekick, the Bow: holding a violin bow, bowing exercises

Lesson 7—Bowing Games and Activities

Lesson 8 —Even More Rhythms: triplets and sixteenth notes

Lesson 9—First Finger Powers: first finger on all violin strings

Lesson 10—Third Finger Powers: third finger on all violin strings

Lesson 11—Second Finger Powers: high two and low two on all violin strings

Lesson 12—Twinkle Variations: The traditional “twinkle” and five new variations.

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