What is included in my purchase?

You receive one PDF download. You may print this at home, a print shop, or use it with your favorite sheet music viewing app on a tablet.

Can the PDF be used by more than one student?

Each student should purchase their own copy, which gives unlimited rights for personal use. (One per household. Siblings can share.) Teachers should not distribute share their violin method book with their students via email or distribute printed copies. The PDF you order will contain your name, the date of purchase, and the terms of use.

How do I use my PDF on a tablet?

You do not have to print everything in your PDF download.  It is easily compatible with your favorite tablet.  You can digitally fill in worksheets, write reminders, etc.

There are many apps that allow you to write on the PDF violin book with your finger or a stylus.  Look for terms such as “mark-up” and “annotation” to use this feature.  Some popular music viewers are MobileSheetsPro for Android and piaScore for Apple devices.  PhonicScore is free and compatible with Android or Apple devices.  These apps also save notes on your digital sheet music.  This is a wonderful way to cut down on the number of books you need to lug around to your violin lessons!

What if I’d like to have the PDFs printed at a store, such as Staples, and they won’t print copyrighted material?

Contact me and I will provide a publisher permissions letter to print the violin primer.

What is the recommended starting age?

Each child has different needs and attention spans.  Super Strings can be used with students as young as 3; however, 4 is a more common starting age.

How do I determine which violin size is appropriate for my child?

It greatly depends on your child’s individual size. A violin or music shop will be able to measure your child’s reach and sizing, but a good estimate would be:

  • Age 3 and younger: 1/16 size violin
  • Ages 4-5: 1/8 size violin
  • Ages 5-6: 1/4 size violin
  • Ages 6-7: 1/2 size violin
  • Ages 7-9: 3/4 size violin
  • Ages 9-11: Full size violin

Because children grow so quickly I can understand the need to find an inexpensive option for buying violins.  My students have ordered violins on Amazon, but you will still want to take it to a professional to have it assembled or reassembled for your child.

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